I am The Sunshine

>Just A Thought<
Don’t let my fears, worries, and stresses be the ones that lead me through life.  It will cause my progress to be frustrating and slow.  Decide to move through life with positivity, faith, and abundance as my guides. Let the light guide my steps and my fears will be forced to drag behind in the shadows.
Determine when I have any behaviors or habits that are holding me back, when I do, start the process of changing them or letting them go!  I don’t have to allow them to lead me down the wrong path any longer.  Create some new habits that will strengthen my mind, body, and spirit. I have the power to take back control of my life! Start on my quest toward my dreams today.  Resolve to always stay in the light, and force my shadows behind me.

>My Successes of the day<

  1. with My value of joy, a beautiful day, sunny and warm and I was a free bird.
  2. with My value of clarity, we planned our day up front, then we did what we wanted and it worked for us.
  3. with My value of care & joy, since I posted my #warhammerpaint new hobby, I have got feedback from my guy friends and I opened a new channel of conversation. I appreciated their feedback & ideas. Good stuff.
  4. with My value of insight, I am a stranger before I am recognized. Things are all foreign before they are familiar.   Ideas are all known until they are found and understood. The new ideas or the guests at our door, familiar or strange, bring the gift of expanding my perspective. It brings the possibility of learning something new about myself and the world. Reject it before accepting this beautiful gift or accept it with arms wide open. Choice is mine.
  5. with My value of care, it was busy in the store, this lady stared at the freezer and she had no clue. I waited until she made up her mind. She asked for my support.
    She: “is this one better or that”
    Me: ” this is fresh, it’s cheaper & that is made in factory, checked the expire date”
    She: “never know it, thanks” and she petted my shoulder.
    Me: “I prefer the fresh stuff, I cooked it today and it was all good”
    It was cool to share my ideas, it was cool to learn other person and had a conversation. She was a stranger, I liked her smiles and we learned something new today.
  6. with My value of joy, I picked up my fav hobby, making cards. I collected beautiful material and I gonna make more unique cards. I love it.
  7. with My value of happiness & love, love is love and love makes me happy. 2 moments today: 1) a boy fell in love with the other boy, they kissed, he said ” I am not a gay person” and the dude replied “yes, I understood” later they hanged out together & saw their happy smiles. Their smiles and their happiness said it all. 2) a short film “heartbeat” <clik on links> also about 2 boys, he was brave, lovable and daring and it was a powerful animation and I cried for the happy ending. Love is a powerful stuff.
  8. with My value of care, I prepared my yummy deli for my lunch: quinoa, tofu, bimi, beef balls, sugar snaps, chickpeas and mushroom. I will enjoy my lunch so much.
  9. with My value of dare & love, I love my friend, I am a true friend and I refuse to speak whatever he wants to hear. I clarified this with him and he appreciated my love & my care. Thank you darling.
  10. with My value of care, a power nap was good for me and it was amazing.
  11. with My value of care, I listened to mr B the magician and I put the cool gel pack on my shoulder and it was pleasant. I felt good.
  12. with My value of joy, I love to write my successes. I love to share my ideas. I am a happy bunny  and I share this with you. Thank you and I love you!

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