Release, Learn and Grow

>Just Saying<
One of the most important things in life is learning when to let go.  There are some things that are just not worth all the stresses and anguish they put on my mind, body, and spirit.  Maybe I have some habits that no longer serve me, and only seem to aid in holding me back from becoming the type of person I desire to be.  Maybe I am in a job or career that I have lost my passion for, and I find myself everyday just going through the motions.
My mental and physical health is what matters most in life.  Learn to break any attachments to the things that no longer serve me, or allow me to grow in the most important areas of my life; mind, body, and spirit.  I know how difficult it can be to make those big life changes, it’s scary, and not easy, but sometimes success can be as simple as learning when to let go.  Release, learn, and grow.

>My Successes of the day<

  1. with My value of care, I took good of me, I slept in and I was an early bird.
  2. with My value of clarity, I had this idea in my mind, I will add this in the new manual.<Yes!>
  3. with My value of care, we picked her up and we started our IB reunion weekend. <yeah!>
  4. with My value of friendship & joy, I appreciated her friendship and her care. It was great to meet up.
  5. with My value of love, I appreciated my sis’s support, she made yummy tapas and finger foods for us and thank you so much.
  6. with My value of love, I hugged these 2 monkeys, they were lovely and I love my nephews.
  7. with My value of joy, we chatted about our good ol day, it was all fun and I enjoyed our fun.
  8. with My value of joy, he got an awesome gift, we played this toy with him and it was a great physic work. Boy toy was cool.
  9. with My value of care, she asked for our support, we drove back home together and she appreciated our support.
  10. with My value of sharing, love is love. love is mutual. when a married woman (me) has a male friend, then it is just friendship, mutual love & no romance. Is it a problem? I didn’t care what they think about me. Am I supposed to stop making friends after I married? What a Bull Shit.
  11. with My value of commitment, I ate yummy tapas, I ate mussels  for dinner and I shared this big portion with my sweet baboo and I enjoyed it lots.
  12. with My value of joy, I enjoyed our quality time. I appreciated his support. I appreciated his care.
  13. with My value of sincerity, Talking is just word and noise. It won’t make things work, Action does. I truly believe that dream can be fulfilled by action & not words. I shared my ideas. His ideas was brilliant. His noise is too much. His words never be in action. Well, it wasn’t about me and it wasn’t my responsibility neither.
  14. with My value of sharing, I appreciated her sharing, the low crab diet is interesting and I opened up for the new ideas. It was awesome.
  15. with My value of expectation, I set a goal for me. I will loss this extra kilograms in 1 month (3 Sept 2017). CYB 9.10 will be in the production on 29th Aug 2017. Game on and I will make this work. <Bam!>

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