The S Team

>> Just Saying >>
Tough times will fall upon us all, but it’s important that I develop a courageous mentality. The quickest way to overcome my challenges or fears is to simply take them on.  Trying to avoid my fears just fuels them further, and strengthens their grip on my life.
It’s important to remember that I am not alone in my struggles.  Every person I see is fighting some battle, and with over seven billion people on this planet, and the thousands of years of recorded history; somebody, somewhere, has gone through what I am going through now.  Seek out their wisdom, and don’t be afraid of asking for help or guidance.
Admitting I need help does not make me weak, it makes me strong.  Decide not to yield my life any longer to my fears or troubles.  Actively pursue ways and strategies to defeat them that do not include avoidance.
We will all have challenges to overcome, and the quicker I take mine on, the quicker I will defeat them.  Stand up tall with my shoulders back, and a smile on my face.  Keep my vision toward the future, and my feet moving forward.  My best life awaits me on the other side, don’t stop until I have made it through.

<<My Successes of the day<<

  1. with My value of joy, I had a good night rest, “rise & shine” and  I was a happy bear.
  2. with My value of commitment, I started my goal, I ate when I was hungry and it skipped breakfast, a cup coffee and apple juice was perfect for my start.
  3. with My value of clarity, I clarified our Sundate up front, we had a “to visit” places and I got my shopping list with me.
  4. with My value of sharing, I shared my successes with my sweet baboo, it was great to share and sharing is caring.
  5. with My value of joy, I got my #warhammer dolls with me, I asked for feedback and I appreciated his support and his care.
  6. with My value of care & joy, he supported me and offered me a good deal <sweet!> I got more and paid less, why not!
  7. with My value of fun, I chit-chatted with the boys, I didn’t understand what they meant and I was a beginner after all. They shared their knowledge with me, painting was my ZEN-hobby and they all agreed. I liked our smiles.
  8. with My value of love, these boys were great, they shared their knowledge, they shared their tips and we had fun in the boy store <hahaha>
  9. with My value of fun, she texted me and asked me out. <yeah!> I might do my painting day later and I accepted her invitation. Thanks sweetie.
  10. with My value of sharing, I shared my goals with my sweet baboo, when I did it a year ago, then I can do it now. I was on my ideal target, I challenged myself for my lowest weight goal. <yeah!>
  11. with My value of love, I prepared my deli for the coming week, quinoa, tofu, mushroom, bimi, chick peas, meat balls and bell pepper. It smelled so good.
  12. with My value of dare & joy, we went to this place for lunch #Eatcompany. It was pretty, simple place. We gotta order at the counter <I was the first timer, studied the menu quickly …phew ..> and then find a place to sit & wait for our order. I ordered a bowl of salad <super chick : fresh greens, sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, avocado, mango, quinoa, chicken filet, broccoli and a yummy dressing> and a glass of green juice <apple juice, mint, spinach, avocado & mango >
    We got a little house with a “H”, the waitress “knew” we ordered our food under the order H.
    The lovely ladies were friendly, the customers were young <we were young too!> and the quality of food was super! It wasn’t a five-star restaurant and it was our new, healthy lunch place.

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