My Response

>> Just A Thought <<
My response is always more powerful than my circumstance. A tiny part of my life is decided by completely uncontrollable circumstances, while the vast majority of my life is decided by my responses. Where I ultimately end up is heavily dependent on how I play the hands I’ve been dealt.

<< My Successes of the day >>

  1. with my value of  joy, it was a lovely day and I was a happy bear.
  2. with my value of  care, I shared my care routine with her, I shared my weekend successes with her and I showed my care.
  3. with my value of fun, I had some fun with the girls, we had some laugh and it was awesome!
  4. with my value of openness, I opened up and I opened my mouth. I shared my silly stories with them and we had lots of fun.
  5. with my value of clarity, I set my daily goal, I clarified what I gotta do and it worked for me.
  6. with my value of focus, my focus was high and first task was done. When I wanna do it, then I go for it. <Woo hoo!>
  7. with my value of acknowledgment, after a task, I gave myself a compliment and I took a short break.  I always took an in-between-break and relax myself.
  8. with my value of sharing, I shared my oatmeal cookies with my colleagues, I loved to bake and I loved to share my goodies.
  9. with my value of care, it was her birthday, I shared my goodies with her and I loved her smiles.
  10. with my value of love, I had an appointment with mr B the Magician, he adjusted my neck and back and he shared his magical power with me.
  11. with my value of gratefulness, I was grateful for mr B’s care & support. He took good care of me. I appreciated his sharing and partnership.
  12. with my value of joy, he shared his successes with me, I appreciated it lots and I shared my compliment with him.
  13. with my value of care, I was tired after a long day and an awesome adjustment. I stayed at home and I took it easy.
  14. with my value of partnership, he rang me up and asked for my support. I clarified this with him and I reported this incident.
  15. with my value of insight, Every so often, I tend to find myself stressed over certain tasks.  I notice my t-do list is growing, the clock is ticking faster and faster, and my mind starts racing. This can happen at the end of a workday, or if a list of chores at home piles up. I start breathing faster and feel like I am getting further away from my goals.
    When I tend to stress from time to time as well, the easiest method to make myself better in the moment is to slow myself down. Make sure I am taking deep breaths, and do whatever possible to calm my mind. Remind myself there are enough hours in a day to do everything possible, and everything will be okay.
    While this won’t make all my pending work disappear, it will better prepare me to tackle my responsibilities. It is a truly rare occasion when I am actually in a troublesome predicament with tasks or chores, so I need to remind myself that I will get everything done and keep moving forward, I always do.

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