Just Right Here and Now

> Just A Thought <
Be here. Just right here. No matter what, I can always fight the battles of just today. It’s only when I add the infinite battles of yesterday and tomorrow that life gets overly complicated.

< My Successes of the day >

  1. with my value of love, as a result sharing my greeting. It was a special Wednesday and it was my love’s birthday. As I left home usually very early, I sent my BD text to him.
  2. with my value of excitement, as a result sharing my goodies. I baked new cupcake with lemon zest, it was refreshing & yummy. I am all excited to share this new goodies.
  3. with my value of gratefulness, as a result receiving compliment. Wauw! my goodies were the star, they loved them and they shared their compliment with me. I was a happy girl.
  4. with my value of love, as a result sharing my recipes. This girl joked about the secret of my banana bread, she asked for my recipe. oh girl, it is not my top secret recipe and I would love to share! actually my secret was baking with love and care. <sharing is caring>
  5. with my value of joy, as a result happy Sindy bear. It was his special day, I was grateful to be part of it and it was my privilege to experience this beautiful day with him.
  6. with my value of fun, as a result pulling his leg. I asked a simple question and I got a cheeky answer back. I pulled his leg and he laughed like silly. yeah I was a cheeky monkey too and now he knew.
  7. with my value of care & partnership, as a result creating clarity. I was in this meeting, I was very curious about this and I appreciated their care big time. I appreciated their clarity. <Wauw!>
  8. with my value of privilege , as a result being there. It was my privilege to be part of our team in this organization. I was one of the lucky girls.
  9. with my value of openness, as a result sharing my tattoo stories.  I am proud of my tattoo and it was my choice. I determined what I do/did to my body and I didn’t ask for their permission. I opened up, I shared my tattoo story and I was very proud.
  10. with my value of love, as a result creating inspiration. For my surprise, she shared her tattoo story too <Wauw!> It was beautiful and I was grateful to learn & to know who she is. It was a amazing moment that she opened up for us too.
  11. with my value of love, as a result sharing my feedback. We had this interactive activity, I shared my feedback, I listened to other’s feedback and I appreciated their care, partnership, trust and cooperation. We had great fun.
  12. with my value of  care, as a result taking rest. It was a long day and I was exhausted. I took a 20 mins power nap at home before our dinner date.
  13. with my value of love,  as a result hugging my sweet baboo. Before our dinner date, I shared my hug with my special one.
  14. with my value of love, as a result enjoying dim sum dinner. Before we arranged our dinner date, I asked for support in the restaurant and we would love dim sum dinner. It worked for us, it was yummy and 2 very happy bears. <Burp .. Oops>
  15. with my value of care, as a result more resting. It was a very long special day for me, my eyes were heavy and my back nagged too and good night everyone!

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