Just Thought not Reality

> Just A Thought <
When I am lost in worry, it is easy to mistake my worries for reality, instead of recognizing that they are just thoughts.

< My Successes of the day >

  1. with my value of love, as a result hanging out. I hanged out with my sweet baboo and chilled out together.
  2. with my value of clarity, as a result asking support. I asked for support, I asked for options about my new phone. I appreciated her feedback and I gotta wait for 3 weeks to get my new phone! <yeah>
  3. with my value of clarity, as a result planning for our trip. We gonna visit my parents-in-law in US and I did some research for our trip. Exciting!
  4. with my value of love, as a result meeting my family. It was father’s day, we met our loves and I was grateful for their care & love. My parents were the best chef in the world and thanks for their love and took good care of us.
  5. with my value of love, as a result repairing mr kikker. mr Kikker (froggy) was broken, my sis asked for my support and I did my best to make him whole and handsome again.
  6. with my value of joy, as a result performing a long operation. It took me few hours to repair mr kikker, it was a relaxing process and I enjoyed making things great.
  7. with my value of pride, as a result using my creativity. I used some of my creativity, I did it with my love and I loved to see a smile on that little boy.  The bonus was I got a huge hug! <love it>
  8. with my value of  gratefulness, as a result sharing my love. I appreciated my parents’s love. I appreciated their care. I was grateful for having an awesome family.
  9. with my value of fun, as a result adding my extra skill on LinkedIn. I discovered my new talent: dr teddy bear (knuffel dokter), I joked about it  and I should definitely add my new skill on my resume.
  10. with my value of love, as a result sharing my insight.  Food is friend, Food is joy and I eat food with joy.  I love Kroket, bitterballen, wafels … you name it . Bottom line: I eat when I am hungry.
    I have 3 different ” hunger signals” in my body:
    1) biological hunger sensation <sometimes we can hear that too .. really awkward in a quiet meeting!

    2) craving: it wasn’t a real hunger and I just wanna get something to fulfill my craving wish. You know, since I was full, I drank some water instead and tell my body ” hey! I am full right now, be patient and food later!”

    3) emergency hunger: sometimes I felt light-headed, I needed some suagr in my body ASAP <it happened once a while> and I got sweet in my bag, only for in-case-of-emergency. <or I shared with kids when they make me laugh! I asked their mom first ofc>

    My new insights:

    1) Honoring our hunger sensation, it is a natural, biological signal. I never fight it, my body tells “Feed me!”

    2) Rejecting DIET mentality, I don’t follow a DIET program, I just follow a natural signal <hunger> then I eat with joy. Food is friend, remember!

    3) Reconnecting to my bodies biological cues for hunger is key to ditching external diet plans and rebuilding trust with my body (and myself!).

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