Doing with Passion

> My Little Story <
I don’t need to have it all figured out to take the next step. But I do need to take the next step to figure it out. That’s the thing I need to start doing, with passion!

I remind myself that passion is not something I find in life; it’s something I do. When I want to find the passion and inner strength needed to change my situation, I have to push myself to step forward. The truth is , my passion comes from doing things right. When I am waiting somehow “find My passion” somewhere outside myself, so I finally have a reason to put my whole heart and soul into MY life and change my need to make, I will likely be waiting around for an eternity.

Start doing the hard and necessary things, with my whole heart and soul fully invested.

< My Successes of the day >

  1. with my value of determination, as a result draw a line. I determined to take this step, I have done more than enough and I shared my feedback and asked for support.
  2. with my value of partnership, as a result take my next step. I rang her up, I clarified my situation and I asked for support.
  3. with my value of partnership, as a result sharing feedback. I shared my feedback, I decided to take this action and I appreciated her feedback & care.
  4. with my value of partnership, as a result on the same page. I appreciated their support and care. We were on the same page and one goal. I appreciated their action & feedback. Thank you girls.
  5. with my value of joy, as a result go for it. since I have this choice and we will stick to it. When plan B didn’t work for us, then we will stay with plan A. <Kapow!> I was grateful for our partnership, cooperation and care.
  6. with my value of ZEN, as a result taking it easy. I can do whatever I can in my power. Quitting is never in my book and I always make it work. In this situation, I let them do their things. I realized that I felt my shoulders were lighter when I decided to let these monkeys slide off from me.  I am only responsible to myself and my action.
  7. with my value of partnership, as a result clarification of expectation. I had this meeting, she clarified her situation and her tasks, she clarified what I would expect and I loved this new challenge. I was grateful for her care, her trust and her partnership. Yes, I will take her task over.
  8. with my value of privilege, as a result getting new tasks. It was my privilege to be the new tech system manager. I was grateful. I dared to take this new step. I was excited. I was proud of me.
  9. with my value of joy, as a result on the similar page. When she shared her action & her stories with me, I realized that we had many things in common. <huh!> It was funny and exciting to hear we did the similar things. I will learn lots from her, I was ready for this new challenge and I was ready to shine more.
  10. with my value of fun, as a result laughing together. I had some fun with my co-worker, we socialized and chatted.  We had fun, we shared personal stories and it was great to know her more! She was an amazing person.
  11. with my value of care, as a result taking care of me. I took care of me, I took break in between, I drank enough water and I ate when I was hungry. It may sound simple, I do this everyday and I am the one who gotta do this.
  12. with my value of love, as a result sharing feedback. I appreciated her feedback, her support and her care. She was a wonderful, direct and funny person. I loved her style <woo hoo!> we shared our stories, I learned something new from her, I appreciated her feedback and we had some laugh too. Thanks my dear and you are amazing.
  13. with my value of partnership, as a result asking support. I asked when i didn’t know. I appreciated her support and her clarification. I loved it.
  14. with my value of love, as a result joining comedy club. I hanged out with my friend, we went to this comedy club and we had some good laugh. Thank you so much.
  15. with my value of friendship, as a result being your friend. I appreciated their love. I appreciated their care. I appreciated their support. I appreciated their joy. Thanks for being my friends.

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