Love Myself More

> My Little Story <
Life becomes simpler and lighter. When I love myself more then things simply become lighter and easier. I won’t make as many mountains out of molehills (or out of plain air) as I used to. Or beat myself up or drag myself down over mistakes or temporary setbacks

I have incredible power inside me. Certainly, I have my own chains and pegs – the self-limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold me back. Sometimes it’s a childhood experience or an old failure. Sometimes it’s something I was told when I was a little younger.

The key thing to realize is this: I need to learn from the past, but be ready to update what I learned based on how my circumstances have changed, as they constantly do.
In other words, I have to learn to think better about the past and present, so I can ultimately live better from here on out.

< My Successes of the day >

  1. with my value of care, as a result of sleeping in. It was Saturday, I slept in and I took care of me.
  2. with my value of love, as a result sharing feedback. My sweet baboo shared his stories with me, it was computer-related and I was the ear. It was interesting.
  3. with my value of love, as a result having double-date. We met up my parents in the city, we enjoyed our lunch time and we had some great laugh.
  4. with my value of partnership, as a result offering support. My daddy bear asked for support, we shared our knowledge and he was a happy bear.
  5. with my value of love, as a result went to the wrong restaurant. Oops! we went automatically to the same restaurant, I realized that it was Woeng Kee instead of Ming Kee (why is chinese name so similar to each other, ;D)  SLCTA: walked back to the garage & we found it. Extra walk is good for us and had some more talk.
  6. with my value of joy, as a result togetherness. It was a lovely to meet my loves, had some quality time and yummy food. I was grateful. I was loved.
  7. with my value of love, as a result sharing feedback. My mommy bear shared her compliment with me, I appreciated it lots and Thanks mom.
  8. with my value of joy, as a result enjoying dim sum. I loved these small portions of yummy steamed dumplings, it was amazing and I stopped when I was full.
  9. with my value of clarity, as a result asking support. Since we had a yummy lunch, we would like a simple, yummy dinner for later. I asked for support and we went for grilled chicken, yeah! I appreciated my sweet baboo’s input & clarity.
  10. with my value of partnership, as a result shopping together. We were team and we always did our grocery shopping together.  We knew what we needed, I liked seasonal veggie & products and he shared input what he likes too. It made my life easier and I loved feedback.
  11. with my value of dare, as a result speaking up. In the butcher I saw this little kid laid on the floor & licked the floor. His dad picked him up. I spoke up and told him that it was a dirty floor. The dad replied in his annoyed voice ” how would I explain this to my kid ?” This answer was funny to me, it was good when a kid licked the floor!  hmm … maybe it tasted like sausage or … I would not do it myself to prove him right. <oh duh!>
  12. with my value of care, as a result chilling out. feet up, with a cup of tea and my fav TV program was on. It was my lazy, relaxing Saturday evening.

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