Changing My Thinking

> Just A Thought <
Let go of my fantasies. This letting go doesn’t mean I don’t care about something or someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only thing I really have control over is myself, in this moment. The best action I can take right now is changing my thinking, instead of trying to change the broken world around me.

< My Successes >

  1. with my value of care, as a result taking care of me. I went to bed on time, I needed my energy for the exciting day.
  2. with my value of insight, as a result staying focus. I realized that I don’t let my procrastination cause me to miss out on an opportunity. Keep focus & keep learning.
  3. with my value of determination,as a result making action plan. Before our meeting started, I created the action plan. I set our goal, I prepared the questions and I shared the action plan with our SLD manager.
  4. with my value of clarity, as a result asking feedback. I shared my action plan with her, I briefed and verified with her. I appreciated her feedback and I created partnership.
  5. with my value of care, as a result taking care of me. I had my in-between-break, I got fresh air outside, I took care of me and I prepared for the meeting with a clear mind.
  6. with my value of clarification of expectation, as a result sharing feedback. I followed the action plan, I asked for feedback and I appreciated their clarity.
  7. with my value of partnership, as a result sharing compliment, after the meeting, I shared my compliment with them, we are partner and we do this together.
  8. with my value of partnership, as a result offering support. She asked for  my support and I clarified this with her. She appreciated my support and I verified this with her in EPD.
  9. with my value of joy, as a result being on time. I left office on time and the train to AMS delayed. I worried a lot that I wouldn’t make it on time. <breath in> <breath out> I was in AMS on time and I was a happy girl.
  10. with my value of privilege, as a result being in BM. I made it on time to our BM, I was happy to meet my mates again and I was excited.
  11. with my value of love, as a result getting feedback. I got her feedback, she shared it with love and I appreciated it lots.
  12. with my value of love, as a result identify my mistake. Oops! this ran in my head in the last few days, I realized that I took myself for granted again! After her feedback, I gotta take action and corrected my attitude in this.
    When I ask for support, then I create clarity for me.
  13. with my value of love, as a result sharing compliment. I sent them a message personally and shared my compliment.
  14. with my value of determination, as a result staying positive. I was in a negative mode and I was physically tired. I realized that I used this negative energy to make something wonderful. Like Chemistry, destroying and creating, it all consumed & created energy. I chose to be in positive mode and pushed myself through this temporary situation. <Kapow!>
  15. with my value of love, as a result having fun. I hanged out with friends, I had some fun and I appreciated our friendship & their support.

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